Reaching great heights: Rotorua Canopy Tours launches second adventure tour

Zipping along

Reaching great heights: Rotorua Canopy Tours launches second adventure tour

Forest-based, eco-tourism business Rotorua Canopy Tours has gone from strength to strength since it opened in 2012. It recently opened a second tour – an experience that is a step-up in terms of adventure. Idealog spoke with co-founders, James Fitzgerald and Andrew Blackford, about the design of the new course, the importance of conservation and pushing through challenges. 

Gratuitous self-promotion

Whether you're a selfish lover of design and want your own, or you're looking for a unique gift for family, friends, staff or clients, you'd better move fast and get yourself a Bonnie Brown's winning Blooming 'Brella. Only 300 of these beautiful things are being made, so if you want to secure yours, all you need to do is specify how many you want and then enter your payment and delivery details online. Once you've done that, the Blooming 'Brellas will be in your hot little hands by mid-September. 

More than a Koru

Design reflects our heritage and identity. So what role does Māoridom play in New Zealand’s design identity? Who is able to do it? What principles need to be abided by? And how does a young country like New Zealand embrace the modern world while retaining its traditions? In the final part of a series, we float down the country’s cultural currents with Māori designers, educators and architects. 

Genius steals

Invercargill's Dave Brown has created a thriving business out of recreating old cars in meticulously good detail. So is replicating something based off someone else’s designs above board? And what do Jaguar (and other companies where replicas are being made) think about it?