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Staying hydrated

You may have seen the latest beauty craze of people slathering their teeth in activated charcoal to whiten them, but the usefulness of the thick, black substance extends beyond beauty trends. Wellington-based Refil has designed a charcoal drink bottle filter that can be used to remove chlorine and lead from tap water, promoting the refilling of bottles and less waste going to the landfill.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Te Papa has transformed its learning programmes and space, creating Hīnātore, a disruptive new learning lab stacked with cutting-edge tech gizmos that consign clunky projector slideshows and VHS videos to the museum’s basement archives. And it needed eye-catching, dynamic branding to communicate the evolving and experimental nature of the programme. That’s where Insight Creative came into the story.

Wish we'd thought of that

New Zealand is known as a nation of innovation. Do you have something cool you've come up with that you think deserves to be recognised at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards? Then enter it in the Innovation in Design & Engineering category, sponsored by James & Wells.

The Idea Log

The Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal', fully embraced design thinking for Idealog's Design Issue and has a few suggestions on how to solve some of society's most intractable (and entirely inconsequential) problems. 

Best in class?

The Government is shaking up the curriculum, pouring millions into a digital-first focus. But as the way our children learn changes, so are the physical spaces they're learning in. And Richard Naish, the director of one of the country’s most-lauded architecture firms, RTA Studio, believes better-designed public schools can help improve education. 

Purpose built

Back in 1999, a few art school graduates with a passion for ideas jumped into the unknown and started a company in a garage in Kingsland, Auckland. Now two of them, Ben Corban and Dean Poole, run one of the world’s finest design studios, Alt Group, which has won practically every award that matters, continues to create work of ‘beautiful simplicity with a smile in the mind’ for companies big and small, and has managed to maintain its culture along the way. Ben Fahy gets a rare audience with the deep thinking co-founders and tries to find out what makes them so good.