Aortica collector's edition celebrates all things Auckland

A 300-page love letter to the City of Sails – that's how Mone and Piero Borsellino, a husband-and-wife team from Germany, sum up the second issue of Aortica. And they've just released a super-exclusive collector's edition making use of maculature sheets.

A 300-page love letter to the City of Sails – that's how Mone and Piero Borsellino, a husband-and-wife team from Germany, sum up the second issue of Aortica.

Aortica bills itself as an annual travel and portrait magazine, part mag, part travel guide; each issue focuses on one destination and the creatives who live there, zeroing in on the area's Schöpfungskraft (German for creative power).

New Zealand is a dream destination for most Europeans, Piero says, and because it's so far away, bears a sort of reverent mysticism.

The duo spent six weeks in New Zealand, and chose their featured interview subjects after lengthy research and discussions with friends and colleagues – spending a full day with most of their interviewees.

Featured in the magazine are:

- Rainbowmonkey (art director + magazine maker PIE PAPER)
- Ingrid Starnes (fashion designer)
- Gavin Hurley (artist)
- Shane Bosher (theatre director, SILO)
- Princess Chelsea (musician)
- Dan Arps (artist)
- Natasha Cantwell (photographer)
- David Ponting (architect)
- Pikachunes (musician)
- Michael Meredith (chef)
- Rebecca Snelling (product designer + shop owner)

They've also just released a special collector's edition, limited to 24 copies worldwide. It comes with a little Aesop travel kit, all bundled up inside a wooden box painted in blackboard varnish.

This version of the magazine is bound as a hardcover book, which is made from maculature sheets. As Piero explains it, this is the a term used in printing when, before starting to print, the printer uses sheets of paper to adjust colours, pressure, etc. This is normally seen as waste paper and is tossed out. That means each of the 24 limited edition Aorticas has a totally unique cover.

"By using the sheets again and again, in order to save paper, an very interesting effect is happening: overprinting, layers of different pages melt to one design, but all by coincidence.

"We loved that dadaistic principle and when we saw the sheets at the printing factory, we were absolutely blown away and decided to use them for something real special."

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Aortica #3 will focus on a city in Italy - they won't identify which one just yet, but it's neither Milan nor Rome...

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