Introducing: Graham Drummond, magical chopping board designer

Graham Drummond invented the Cibocal chopping board as a way to circumvent the difficulties prevented by his arthritis. People told him 'don't give up your day job', but he's been on it 100 percent since last October.

Graham Drummond invented the Cibocal chopping board as a way to circumvent the difficulties prevented by his arthritis.

Tell us about the magical Cibocal chopping board? I love to cook, but my arthritis makes it difficult to hold a knife effectively, so I’ve created a cutting board that enables me and anyone else to cut, chop and slice, safely and effortlessly. I’d had the idea for some time but my health prevented me from developing it earlier.

Do you run Cibocal as your full-time job or do you have other things on the go? People often told me ‘don’t give up your day job’. I’d been working on it at nights for more than three years and decided last October to commit to Cibocal 100 percent.

What were you doing before this? Land Surveying for 18 years before the arthritis made it difficult to get around the hills, followed by 16 years in project management, involving some product design.

What’s the reaction been so far? I haven’t been laughed out of a room yet. Most people’s reaction is, ‘It’s so simple, it’s a wonder no-one has thought of it before’. I tell them someone probably has, they’ve just done nothing about it.

How did you find the UK patent process? It was quite straightforward. We used the specification filed for the IPRP [International Preliminary Report on Patentability] with some minor amendments. I feel the simplicity of the design, using so few components, made the process easier. An added advantage of the small number of components could be stronger IP protection.

Is there anything like this anywhere else? There doesn’t appear to be. I spent hours online looking for something I didn’t want to find. I then got an IPRP through the World Intellectual Property Organization, which included an international search. The resulting favorable report was used as the basis to file for patents in five countries.

And what do you do outside of the Cibocal world? Love to cook. Look after a small vegetable and herb garden. Discovering good coffee and craft beer. I need to make some time to get back into photography.

Go to to see the chopping board in action.

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