Bottled water, now with added special effects

Bottled water, now with added special effects

New Zealand-owned Water Buddies has just launched a new flavoured water variant - named Just Like Lemonade - and it comes in a bottle with a label that uses glow in the dark ink technology.

According to the company, using a glow in the dark label is a way to compete with other sugary drinks in the marketing carrying names of Disney toys and blockbuster movies.

The new flavour will be sold at the Warehouse and supermarket chains both in Australia and New Zealand and the company adds that the release is timed with summer celebrations and Christmas candle-light events across both countries.

The label, created by Adhesif Labels Limited, uses photoluminescent ink to glow in the dark. When you shine a light on the new Water Buddies Just like Lemonade label, the incoming photons (packets of light) excite the phosphor molecules in the photoluminescent ink, creating a dim glow.

“This was a fantastic collaboration. Water Buddies pushed hard for the innovation and Adhesif responded brilliantly. Initially we weren't sure it could be done but relentless commitment to research and finding a way that would get us there paid off. We had plenty of opportunities to give up but we kept pushing and persisted until we found the answer," says Sian Leonard of MMC Tradelink, who invented Water Buddies.

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