Review: Paul Henry’s new book Outraged features nude pics and cover art by Pricasso

Review: Paul Henry’s new book Outraged features nude pics and cover art by Pricasso

Risque broadcaster Paul Henry has launched a no-holds-barred attack on New Zealand society in his new book Outraged, which includes nude photos of him and a cover painted by Pricasso, who uses his nether regions rather than a paintbrush.

Outraged is intended to do just that: outrage its readers.

It’s a chapter-by-chapter attack on society, with Henry’s uncensored (except for what the lawyers changed) opinions on everything from “tertiary time-wasters” to iPads, homosexuals, Winston Peters and religious tolerance.

Some of the gems of outrage:

On homosexuality: “You are not special because you are gay. The world does not need to stand aside and recognize you for your ability to have sex with your own kind.”

On designated parking: “As for those with young children: your decision to have them, not mine! Why should you also get the best parks? It is so unreasonable that fit young breeders should get preference over me. You are probably much more capable of struggling with your appallingly behaved child and a pram than I am struggling with my brilliance.”

On fat people: “You are a burden on others and yourself. If you are not running your own life and someone else is making you fat, poison them, eat less and run like the wind.”

A thread of hubris runs through Henry’s writing, which is interspersed with “illustrations” from his mother Olive, using a Sharpie pen (see left, from the chapter on homosexuals). Henry finishes up with chapters on Further Business, More Further Business, Further, Further Business and Final Further Business, before (spoiler alert) penning a conclusion that abuses the reader for failing to come to their own conclusion and being so lazy as to expect Henry to form a conclusion on their behalf.

Outraged is deliciously arrogant, unabashedly offensive and thoroughly Paul Henry – you can practically hear him wheezing with uncontrollable laughter as you read through it. Surely no other New Zealander could have produced a more abusive tome.

Outraged, by Paul Henry, Random House, $39.99 and worth every cent.

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