Behind the scenes of Idealog #48: a fairytale

Once upon a time at Idealog Towers, part of the Image Centre Kingdom, a young English gent sent around an internal email about his new business venture. Called Rest In Pets, the English Gent, Sir Card-a-lot, had created coffins for pets out of cardboard.

Sir Card-a-lot (who also went by the name of Mat Bogust) was going to a nearby kingdom, the Empire of Kickstarter, to tout his wares, and required assistance from fair maidens near and far.

Those at Idealog Towers were intrigued that Sir Card-a-lot’s email signature showed his real job title – when he wasn’t rescuing pets from grave danger and hence being in need of a cardboard coffin, naturally – as ‘cardboard engineer’.

“We must make use of Sir Card-a-lot’s talents,” said one particularly fair maiden, Dame Aimee Carruthers, whose artistic achievements had been celebrated at a country-wide banquet known as the Magazine Awards. (For Dame Aimee had been declared Supreme Artistic Human Being in the Business & Trade category.)

And so, Sir Card-a-lot was placed in shackles in the dungeon of Idealog Towers until he had completed his Magnum Opus, known as Idealog’s cover for issue 48.

Sir Card-a-lot was so happy with his Cardboard Magnum Opus that he inadvertently stumbled into the camera’s path as it was capturing the cardboard goodness. And lo, did Dame Aimee declare that the cover shot had been found, and that Thunderbirds Were Go.

And while Dame Aimee and Sir Card-a-lot were frolicking in the cardboard field of artistic glory, those from the House of OnDigital – also part of the Image Centre Kingdom – were shooting a time-lapse video of the action.

And as the days and nights now pass happily at Idealog Towers, readers may view the time-lapse here, and verily peruse the images from Sir Card-a-lot’s Magnum Opus.

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