Getting Aucklanders to go out and play

Getting Aucklanders to go out and play

The Auckland CBD is under-used and a group of professionals have a plan to do something about it. Guerrilla Playspaces, a team of seven people, wants to invade the city's CBD and leave it a more exciting place than they found it.

The group wants to install multiple high-impact, short duration playspaces to "snap Aucklanders out of their daily grind and give them something unexpected to stumble upon". 

“We saw these great city spots going under-used and just wanted to change them into fun, playful areas, if only for a short time” says team member Luke Krieg. “It’s about giving Aucklanders a feeling of ownership over their city, making it a place they can enjoy instead of just a place they work”.

Having identified the areas they most want to improve, the team is currently working with landowners for permission to use sites throughout the CBD, from the Waterfront to Aotea Square.

As a pilot project, Guerrilla Playspaces has already captured the imagination of several key industry partners including Fletchers and Resene, and team member Richard Taylor is excited about getting more people on board.

 “Guerrilla Playspaces is a legacy project. We are laying down the framework for future creative individuals and businesses to be able to deliver even bigger and brighter installations in the future,” he says.

The team have multiple installations under construction – from pop-up mazes to modular flower-and-petals colouring stations - and plan to spring them on an unsuspecting public very soon.

Guerrilla Playspaces is a project of the Committee for Auckland’s Future Auckland Leaders Programme. This initiative taps into the energy and insight of the city's emerging leaders, cultivating their passion for Auckland and helping channel it into city-enhancing projects. 

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