Inside coworking space Movers & Shakers

Inside coworking space Movers & Shakers
Coworking space Movers & Shakers in Auckland's Britomart has a fresh take on the playground style workplace.

When Mindhive and Dream Config decided to move into an airy 400m2 space in Britomart, they had a bit too much room to swing their cats.

“We felt that a space this unique should be shared with others, who would like to be inspired not only by the space they work in, but also the people who work within it,” says Dream Config founder Kagwa Kironde.

The space is decked out with a giant inflatable bubble and desk setups made from pallets. It wasn’t an easy path to completion though; they’re located on the fourth floor and there’s no lift, so each pallet had to be carried up by hand.

The result is called Movers & Shakers, the latest kid on the coworking block. Kagwa and business partner Dion Bettjeman, of Mindhive, opened their doors in December last year. They reckon it’s different from other coworking spaces, as it’s a bit of a playground and caters to individuals and small companies that want a less traditional work environment.

“We wanted to make sure it remained quirky, fun and relaxed, but at the same time professional,” Bettjeman says. “It’s how we like to work, and we think the space is naturally suited for that mentality.”

Dream Config and Mindhive did the fitout, with the help of items sourced on Trade Me, the Kiwi Pallet company, and Tom Emerson of EBC Building and Construction.

The ‘brain cell’, or inflatable bubble, serves as a meeting space and was Mindhive’s take on an office oddity. Warwick Bell from Fabric Structures helped make it come to life.

“There were a few skeptics initially, but now everyone loves the 30ft inflatable glowing brain cell,” Kagwa says.

There wasn’t a design brief for the space, just suggestions about ‘what would be cool’.

“We wanted to keep the overall design rustic to match the building’s original characteristics,” Bettjeman says. “So, using plywood and pallets to build desks, for example, was a fun idea that came out really nice and functional in the end.”

“Once you’ve made it up the stairs, it’s great to think you’re in the middle of Britomart but could be anywhere,” Kagwa says. “The space is truly unique, and it will be rad to see it full of energy, and to see people enjoying it as their professional work environment.”

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