Gather uses stretch goals to fund Workshops in Schools

Gather uses stretch goals to fund Workshops in Schools

Ever since kicking off Workshops for Schools in the beginning of the year, Gather organisers had been thinking about starting Workshops for Industry as well. “It was just a matter of finding the time to do it,” says director Ludwig Wendzich.

Gather’s first Workshop for Industry will be on 3 September at The Biz Dojo (K Road, Auckland). Director of Auckland web agency The Fold Darren Wood will present on “Sass: Taking your CSS to the next level”.

According to Gather’s stretch goal, once they sell 15 tickets to this workshop, they will have the ability to fund three more workshops as part of their Workshops in Schools programme. “This means not only you get high-quality professional development time for yourself, you also have the chance to help unlock opportunities for high school students, says Wendzich.

“The premise isn’t to raise money for schools,” he clarifies. However, “professionals have more discretionary income than students” and by raising funds this way, Gather ensures the Workshops for Schools programme remains free. "We believe these workshops are worth every penny, even if we don't reach the stretch goal. However we think this is a good idea because of the difference in discretionary spending between the two audience, so we thought why not trying to spread the funds?​"

“We have received a one-time grant from Internet NZ but that is finite and will run out so we are looking for companies who might want to sponsor the workshops, but also trying to fund them ourselves,” says Wendzich.

“The workshops are quite resource-intensive, we go to schools that aren’t just down the road from here,” he adds.

Wendzich realises using stretch goals to raise funds for the workshops is a novel idea (since they’re not part of a Kickstarter campaign or anything of the type) but says this is one of different options Gather is exploring to ensure the workshops for students stay free. “This is just one idea,” he says. “It’s quite cool to say that you’re going to learn some new skills and help some students get some new skills too.”

Click here to find out more information or buy tickets for the next Workshops for Industry event.

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