Christchurch will get a city-within-a-city for Labour Weekend

Christchurch will get a city-within-a-city for Labour Weekend

The annual Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) will take place in Christchurch over Labour weekend (25-28 October). The free, public event will explore urban regeneration through large scale collaborative projects and interventions.

The temporary cityscape located in the heart of the transitional city will be formed through a range of different interventions, events, projects and public participation that will bring life to the former Red Zone.

The event gives people a chance to experience new temporary or transitional architectural projects and urban interventions within the central city's four avenues.

In addition to this year's main event - a processional performance of the carnivalesque Canterbury Tales - the festival will include performance, cinema, art, hospitality, talks, public picnics, urban agriculture and architectural installations.

FESTA was conceived concurrently by two separate groups of people who eventually found each other. One group emerged from George Parker's desire to contextualise and grow the Art Circus project. The other stemmed from the mind of Stuart Candy, a Melbourne-based futurist at Arup.

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