A quick word with ... designer Timothy John

Timothy John is busy learning stuff through podcasts and avoiding home burglaries.

Timothy John is keeping busy learning stuff via podcasts and dodging home burglaries.

timothy john designer idealogWhat I’m... reading
Marching Powder by Rusty Young. A true story that portrays the community-like structure of San Pedro prison in Bolivia. It not only contains the criminals but houses their wives and children as well.

... watching
Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is character perfection.

... listening to
The voice of reason. Combined with a spirited nature, it brings dreams into fruition.

... downloading
Stuff You Should Know podcasts. They make a good travel companion. Yesterday, I learned about lego, icebergs and ninjas.

... avoiding
Home burglary. Two break-ins in five weeks was annoying. A third would be downright rude.

... coveting
Kayak 1 by Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs. If I can’t have my own superyacht, maybe I can have a kayak fit for one.

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