Dr Who fan pays $2,600 for Kiwi-made commemorative coin

Dr Who fan pays $2,600 for Kiwi-made commemorative coin
We all know die-hard fans of science fiction love to get their hands on the latest memorabilia but one Canadian Dr Who fanatic just bought a pure silver coin produced by New Zealand Mint for the show's 50th anniversary at 15 times its retail value.

A pure silver coin produced in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of cult sci-fi TV series Dr Who has been won at auction for a whopping 15 times its retail value.

Precious metals specialist New Zealand Mint designed and engraved 10,000 Dr Who coins in collaboration with the BBC, with the authenticated first produced coin in the range being sold to a Canadian bidder on e-Bay for NZD2,600 – a staggering increase on its $155 face value.

The coins depict Dr Who’s telepathic time travel/space machine TARDIS, which takes the form of a blue 1960s British police box. The auction for the number one coin attracted 39 bids and came with a 3D model replica of the iconic machine.

“We put the first eight coins up for auction just to see how much interest there would be and it turns out quite a bit,” says New Zealand Mint head of sales and marketing Brent Hindman.

“The normal retail price for all eight coins was $1,240 but collectively they sold for just a little less than $6,500. It just goes to show how much passion is out there for the Dr Who series.”

New Zealand Mint will put all profits towards its annual initiative of sending two students from the Pacific island of Niue to Outward Bound. While the coins are legal tender in Niue at a value of $2, it is unlikely that the winner of the number one coin will be parting with it any time soon. 

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