The Better Drinks Company gets a better office space

The Better Drinks Company gets a better office space

At the start of this month Charlie's announced their new name: The Better Drinks Company. 

But that's not the only change taking place behind the scenes for the drinks manufacturer. A new office space was commissioned to physically represent the company's new philosophy.

The new office was designed by the Spaceworks team and owner/director Lizzi Hines, and is located in the Axis Building in Auckland's Parnell. 

The design brief was to develop a space that represents Charlie’s honest, mischievous and rebellious values and ideals; a "New York loft meets orchard" injected with Charlie's vibrant brand. The goal was to use space effectively and create a positive and collaborative environment for employees and family alike.

With an on-site slide, there's no shortage of playfulness, but the office also has an innate dynamism with angular shapes, herringbone patterns and a vibrant mural pushing the eye around the space.

The "New York loft" feel was developed in the material choices, such as concrete walls, steel window joinery, high stud height and terracotta tile flooring. And honest materials, such as fruit boxes and crates represented The Better Drinks Company down-to-earth ethos.

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