A quick word with ... Joska Easterbrook of Joska & Sons

A quick word with ... Joska Easterbrook of Joska & Sons
Question and answer with Joska Easterbrook, designer for Joska & Sons

Meet Joska Easterbrook, the lamp-crafting, motorcycle riding design devotee and man behind Joska & Sons.  

Joska Easterbrook

My first job was ... I was a nanny (manny) for a couple of years before going to London to help to start Flat White café.

And now the title on my business card is ... Joska & Sons furniture, lighting and custom.

Which really means ... I do everything involved with the business, and no, I don't have any sons.

My day starts with ... National radio with cup a of tea, bircher or a smoothie, then coffee.  

And ends with ... Cooking dinner, winding down beside the fire, catching up with my girlfriend and whatever series we are watching at the time. 

And in between, I ... Half of the week I work in the temporary café that I set up with two others after the 2011 earthquake. During the other half I'm in the shed making lamps, getting supplies, researching ideas, ironing out details for prototypes, organising accounts and trying to sneak a motorcycle ride in between. 

My first artistic memory is ... I did a lot of arts and crafts as a child and spent innumerable hours playing with Lego.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be ... Perhaps studying architecture or industrial design.

I'm inspired by ... Making something that is aesthetically considered that also fulfills a need.

I can't live without ... A shed or workshop with some tools and materials. Essentially, a space to create what's on my mind.

True 'style' is ... Knowing what you like and going with it.

My work in three words is ... Simplicity, Form, Purpose.

Joska Easterbrook operates Joska & Sons furniture, lighting and custom. 

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