Revamping the dental experience at the Tooth Company

Let's face it – nobody enjoys going to the dentist. But at The Tooth Company, the ultra-modern fitout and the funky surroundings of the Britomart precinct aim to make up for an unpleasant undertaking.

With a flagship store in Smales Farm, Takapuna, The Tooth Company opened the doors to its second premises at the start of February, embracing the original decor.

Herbst Maxcey Architects set out to create a serene, almost spa-like environment. The result is a juxtaposition of old and new – the space contrasts steel and glass against historic century-old brick walls, wooden floors, and exposed ceiling – that's not overly sterile.

Architect Bodi Maxcey says that conceptually, the idea was to insert a clean, high tech floating glass box into a historic building, "creating a dialogue between two primary architectural elements, the floating glass surgical box and the existing historic Britomart building fabric".
The public spaces, such as the reception and waiting area, feature cracked old leather, recycled rimu wall lining, and recycled pururi flooring. The floating glass surgery box forms the primary light source in the space, as well as the main focal point.

“Most people hate going to the dentist," says The Tooth Company founder, dentist Dr Andrew Campbell.

“We aim to take the fear out of dentistry; to make it fun, easy and more accessible and customer focused.”

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