A quick word with ... Spaceworks' Lizzi Hines

A quick word with ... Spaceworks' Lizzi Hines

spaceworks lizzi hines idealog design dailyA sharp designer with commercial nous, Spaceworks owner Lizzi Hines is most definitely in the business of creativity. She has previously been a finalist in both the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Westpac Business Leadership Awards, and Spaceworks itself has picked up several awards of its own for various projects.

My first job was ... As a colour matcher and colour maker for Aalto Colour, a bespoke paint company that had outlets in New Zealand and Australia

And now the title on my business card is ... Managing director

Which really means ... Da Boss! Although sometimes I pretend that I am a really important director of a big budget film. CEO sounds much cooler but way too masculine and definitely not linked to the creative industry. Managing director is more appropriate

My day starts with ... Meditation, exercise, eggs and oat milk flat white, all before 8 am

And ends with ... A cuppa tea and some kind of save the world or save myself self-development book.

And in between, I ... Work HARD! Heaps of meetings, loads of phones and tonnes of emails. And I love every minute of it.

My first artistic memory is ... I desperately did not want to be creative, I wanted to be an academic. My mum was a lawyer and my dad an accountant, that was way more glamorous and ‘professional’ than working in the arts, or so I thought. I got 95% in School C art. Then in sixth form I decided I need to get serious and I took Math with Calculus, Math with Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, History and English – ARGH!!! What was I thinking? It was terrible, I spent more time at Georgie Pie Greenlane because it was so terrible

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d be ... Maybe trying to be academic, and failing madly. Or if not I think I would love to be on a commune doing yoga and chanting. There is an aspect of me that is a total hippy, I love it. [But] I think I would get really bored of it full time

I’m inspired by ... My parents, my family and my friends. I have a huge support crew around me, I couldn’t live without them. They certainly make me realise how lucky I am. I do everything I can to make them feel just as special.

I can’t live without ... My husband. Sounds soppy! Put away the violins, I’m being totally practical, he cooks my dinner, he cleans my washing, he picks up and drops off our kids, he gives our son money for the school sausage sizzle. He is the person that makes my world tick, he keeps the family functioning and he plays a hugely valuable role in my desire to be successful

True ‘style’ is ... Conflicted.. Sometimes I can be totally punk or grunge, other times I am corporate to the core, in my home life I love slick and modern. I’m the way I should be because my appreciation of all styles allows me to be malleable to designing for multiple industries.

My work in three words is ... FUN, fast and rewarding!
Kiwi entrepreneur Lizzi Hines is owner and director of Spaceworks Design Group, specialists in commercial, retail and hospitality fit-outs

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