Arts crowdfunding site Boosted gets lift-off

Arts crowdfunding site Boosted gets lift-off

boosted crowdfunding launchBoosted, the Arts Foundation's new dedicated crowdfunding website, launches today with a host of creative projects and many more in the wings.

Any art project can be hosted on Boosted, from film to dance to publishing and the visual arts.  Donations to successful Boosted projects will qualify for a tax credit of 33 percent, as funds are routed through the foundation. Those projects receive an amount equivalent to the donations made minus a 10 percent fee.

Boosted manager Renee Tanner says the site provides a solution for New Zealand artists who struggle with the idea of asking for money.

"The culture of the site is about collectively growing the arts in New Zealand by contributing to projects, not trading rewards or making a plea for support."

Derek Handley, who is joining the Boosted board, says he's enjoying applying his knowledge of online business (he is the founder of media companies Snakk and The Hyperfactory) to crowdfunding.

"I know Boosted will activate philanthropy for the digital generation."

The projects include:

Tanja Jade (Misery) – a video game designed with developer InGame

Andrew Moore – a documentary, No More Heroes, based on New Zealand skate culture in the 1970's

Christchurch Art Gallery – raising money for its Outer Spaces project, as its building remains closed for repairs

Five Mile Town – raising money to finish recording its debut album 

The Juniper Passion – an opera set during the battle of Monte Cassino, raising funds to get to Milan for its premiere

NZ School of Dance – raising funds to purchase a new, portable flooring material that can be transported on tour

Miriam Smith and Chris Pryor – a new feature documentary, a cultural exploration of the values and exploits of a rural New Zealand rugby team

Sisters of Samoa – a documentary exploring the journey of a family towards economic stability in Apia

Hauora Garden – a public sculpture proposed for the Auckland Domain near the museum

Shakespeare's Globe Centre - raising funds for a group of students to visit the UK 

Modern Maori Quartet – a group performing as part of the Auckland Arts Festival next month

Words of War – a documentary on expat Kiwi journalist, Pulitzer-winning Peter Arnett

Rate Ensemble – a Berlin-based New Zealand music collective raising funds to perform its first concert

DANZ - a special one off edition of DANZ Quarterly to celebrate its 20th anniversary 

Christchurch Arts Festival - up to 2,000 primary school students from across Christchurch will develop a huge cluster of flags expressing their hopes and dreams - one flag for themselves and one for the city of Christchurch

Handshake -  a three-year mentoring and exhibition programme that gives graduated emerging jewellery artists the opportunity to stay connected to informed feedback and create professional stimulation

Tama - a unique collaboration between Deaf and hearing film-makers. It follows a Deaf Maori teenager as he struggles to learn the haka in Kaikohe

EAT - the Emerging Artists Trust (EAT) launched a mentoring programme for artists based in Wellington in March 2009

Q Theatre - raising funds to keep the theatre running

The Sea Story - Red Leap Theatre Charitable Trust is New Zealand’s leading image and movement based theatre company, raising funds for a new show

Sam Hamilton - an inter-disciplinary artist from New Zealand raising funds for a book

Opéra Risqué - a new theatre company produced by Jessie Graham and Tamsyn Matchett - two young, passionate and professionally trained opera singers who are out to change perceptions of opera as a boring and 'old' art form

Some Time - Artist Gabby O'Connor will be making the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, utilising only tissue paper, staples, light and space

Paradise Project - Artist Sue Cooke is creating a 9 x 5 x 3m high recreation of an Antarctic hut that when entered will surround the viewer with a 360 degree painted Antarctic land and seascape, including sea and sky

Wellington Winter Light Festival - raising funds for a contemporary digital art exhibition

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