Artwork pays tribute to Christchurch's resilience

Artwork pays tribute to Christchurch's resilience

Christchurch's iconic red and black BANDS 4 HOPE wristbands make up the bulk of a new installation gifted to the city today.

Two years on from the earthquakes, Jason Ware’s ‘Halfspace’ kinetic installation  – created using wristbands, a simple dining suite and a specially-designed steel frame  – was unveiled at ArtBox Gallery where it will reside amongst a collection of works for the public to enjoy.

More than 130,000 wristbands were sold worldwide, with Prince William even sporting a pair during his visit there.

“My intent with ‘Halfspace’ was to create a human-scaled work on which the public can reflect, a work that contains elements that can be found in any home and with which any member of the community could relate to,” says Ware, a surveyor and part-time artist.

“The BANDS 4 HOPE silicone chains evoke the forces that we encountered during the quakes. The bands are also metaphorical of the individual and collective strength and resilience of the Christchurch community. “