Icebergs prove a winner for BRR

Icebergs prove a winner for BRR

Auckland agency BRR has snagged a place in graphic design enterprise Under Consideration’s Brand New Best Identities of 2012 list, with its work for the New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute coming in ninth out of 12 brands.

New Zealand Antarctic Research Institute was established in 1996 as the body responsible for scientific research and conservation activities in the Antarctic region and to raise public awareness about the significance of Antarctica. It recently began working with BRR to raise its public profile.

BRR’s new design replaced NZARI’s previous logo, a union of a penguin and a New Zealand fern. Whilst the previous image was a well-illustrated and appropriate representation of both New Zealand and the Antarctic continent the organisation felt it was emphasising the conservation efforts without equally communicating the significance of the institute’s scientific research.

BRR developed the concept of Antarctica as ‘Earth’s White Box’, drawing parallels with black boxes used in aeroplanes. The metaphor communicates the continent’s close and influential relationship with our planet as a whole. BRR’s new logo design is a structured, geometrical and monochromatic visual representation of this metaphor, strikingly effective in its simplicity.

According to BRR, the design challenge for BRR was to capture the essence of Antarctica whilst retaining both the integrity of the scientific research and capturing the visual beauty of the majestic continent.

The BRR team realised that information about Antarctica was like an iceberg floating in the ocean. As icebergs reveal a small section of themselves above the horizon, concealing a greater part underwater, "there is a large percentage of information that still requires investigating for the betterment of our planet’s future".

The Best of 2012 list found BRR in impressive company with international designers and agencies like Wolff Olins and Tesser working on major re-branding projects in 2012. Taking out the top spot for best new identity of 2012 was Future Brand’s redesign of Pacific Airways, smoothly transitioning the company into the sleek and luxurious Fiji Airways.

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