A quick word with ... artist Greg Straight

Artist Greg Straight on colour, style and his inner font.

Artist Greg Straight on colour, style and his inner font.

artist greg straight idealogI’d describe my style in three words as bright, bold and eclectic. I also like to use a lot of humour in my work – the world could use a few more smiles.

When I was a little kid I’d secretly draw anything and everything. Like most kids I was obsessed with drawing robots, cars, planes, tanks and soldiers. Later it was waves, punk and skateboarding logos. It was never horses though, they always looked like disgruntled donkeys.

If I could only use three colours for the rest of my life I love all colour so it would be really hard to choose, but probably bright blue, bright green and black. Black because it’s often the starting point for most of my illustrations and bright blue and green because they really pop on a nice clean sheet of white paper.

My favourite design websites are,,,,,,

My dream design gig would be CD cover art for Roots Manuva, to work with Natas Kaupas on graphics for Quiksilver, shoes and skate deck designs for Vans or Element, the list is endless. I’d also love to work on a really big campaign for someone like Coke, where my graphics are viewed internationally.

If I were a font, I’d be I’m not really a font geek but probably Comic Sans. Kidding! Gotham is a font I’m into at the moment, it’s clean, simple and when I looked online it is explained as being ‘a hard-working typeface’ which is something I can relate to. My motto is hard work always pays and one I recently read in a book about Dogtown and Z-Boys is ‘anything is possible’.

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