Celebs' empty Marmite jars drum up cash for Christchurch

empty marmite jars charity auctionThings just haven't been quite the same since Marmageddon struck. It's proved fodder for all sorts of clever marketing stunts. And now this unlikely casualty of the Canterbury earthquake has been hijacked for a good cause.

Photographer Chris Sisarich has teamed up with a bunch of Kiwi celebs (including Rachel Hunter, Marc Ellis, Jaquie Brown, John Kirwan, Annah Mac, Paul Ego, Jon Toogood, Kathryn Wilson and Greer Robson-Kirk) and shot images of their empty Marmite jars for a charity auction from November 30 at

Proceeds from the 19 photos, each framed with a signed lid by their famous owner, will go toward Rebuild Christchurch Foundation.

“The imagery inside each jar is extremely distinctive, it’s more than just an empty Marmite jar,” says Sisarich. “It’s evident that everyone has been scraping at the bottom to get every last bit out – I know I have – and I hope that other Kiwis are taking a moment to reflect on the difficulties of the past two years for Christchurch as they reach the bottom of their jars.

“It fascinates me that something like Marmite, which is part of the daily routine for many Kiwis, has been elevated to the realm of artwork since the shortage. It shows just how iconic Marmite is in New Zealand.”

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