Taika tops off We Can Create hat trick

Taika tops off We Can Create hat trick

taika waititi we can createLast week, creative extravaganza We Can Create dropped ticket prices to $120. And the value factor just rose approximately 100 percent with the news that Taika Waititi will be joining the lineup on Saturday.

Fans of the filmmaker will be chuffed to learn that he's the surprise seventh speaker, rounding off a schedule that includes Adbusters, Assembly, Jonathan Barnbrook, Thomas and Martin Poschauko with NEA MACHINA, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, and Sarah Maxey. (If you haven't already, have a squiz at our Q&As with Sarah Maxey, Thomas and Martin Poschauko, Jonathan Barnbrook and Adbusters' Pedro Inoue and Ellen Lee.)

At the start of 2012 Waititi raised more than $100,000 on Kickstarter to bring hit film Boy to the US, but some backers grumbled that he subsequently fell off the radar and failed to deliver on promised rewards.

That said, Waititi's been fairly busy, moving back to New Zealand and bringing a new human life into the world, which he announced on a Reddit 'ask me anything' thread.