Makeably: a home for custom crafters

Makeably: a home for custom crafters

makeably custom projectsWe've just come across Makeably – another online marketplace, yes, but one focusing on custom projects rather than the sale of ready-made or mass goods.

On Makeably, you start out and browse project listings from handmakers around the world. Their pages explain what kind of things they craft, what you'll get and how their process works. Once you find one that piques your interest, you can take the next step by sending them a project inquiry and get the ball rolling.

It's founded by two ex-Google marketing mavens, Ryan Hayward and Anastasia Leng, who say they wanted to use what they'd learned about the web to make it a more creative and thoughtful place (that said, the site itself isn't the most beautiful, but it's not too shabby either).

What do you think of the concept?