A moment with ... Sarah Maxey

Graphic artist and book designer Sarah Maxey, who's speaking at We Can Create in Auckland this month, on chaos and chooks.

My first job was... feeding the chooks and collecting the milk from the gate.

And now the title on my business card is... graphic artist.

Which really means... I'm a graphic designer and an artist. I get a bob each way.

My day starts with... a vague sense of dread, a banana and some oats.

And ends with... an iron tablet.

And in between, I ... try to create some order, while introducing more chaos.

My first artistic memory is... painting a mural with my older brother, and copping some flak for drawing a really shit rainbow with dribbly corners.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd ... be a zookeeper, a paramedic or a potter.

I'm inspired by... self-taught artists, cartoonists and lots of people called Edward (Lear, Bawden, Ruscha, Gorey...etc).

I can't live without... lipgloss, paper, ink, feather pillows and a whiff of sea air.

True 'style' is... slippery.

My work in three words is... thoughtful, funny, melancholic.

Find more Maxey here.

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