We Can Create gets intimate at Mercury Theatre

We Can Create gets intimate at Mercury Theatre
we can create 2012 speakers

We Can Create is paring back for 2012, boiling it down to six speakers and securing the rather lovely Mercury Theatre as the venue of choice.

So, just who is on the bill?


The culture jammers head down under with their unique brand of non-corporate awesomeness. You've probably heard of the flagship publication, Adbusters magazine, instrumental in launching numerous global campaigns including Buy Nothing Day, Digital Detox Week, and, most recently, Occupy Wall Street.

Rockin' Jelly Bean

RJB started his career defining his visual style by designing flyers, record covers and so forth, and broke into the lowbrow art scene after moving to the US. Now back on Japan, he has been producing a steady flow of uber-cool artwork for his Erostika shops in Nagoya and Tokyo's ultra trendy Harajuku.

Nea Machina

Thomas and Martin Poschauko reveal how creativity can be really good fun when we fire up our play instinct by working perceptibly with our hands and how ideas can gush forth if we just allow our minds to take a short break.They will be demonstrating a creative experiment in which more than 1,000 different graphic design works came into being in only four months and they will be taking their visitors on an inspiring trip.

Sarah Maxey

Maxey's recent collaboration with a poet and a typeface designer won the 2011 Purple Pin Best in Discipline in New Zealand’s design industry awards, and a Certificate of Excellence from the International Society of Typographic Design in the UK.  She currently lives in Berlin where she is drawing furiously with no definite dénouement in mind.

Jonathan Barnbrook

One of Britain's most famous graphic designers, Barnbrook believes design shapes the environment, changing the way we perceive things and informing our choices. And he believes design can change the world when it works in service of the right people and gets an issue on the mainstream political agenda. He created a billboard in 2001 entitled ‘Designers, stay away from corporations that want you to lie for them’ and has also produced many copyright-free designs for political or social justice purposes.


Assembly describes itself as a company of aesthetic thinkers, who always start with an interesting idea. Its heritage is in high end commercial work, but they love creative projects that don't shy away from being ambitious.

The Light Surgeons will wrap it up with Super Everything, a new cross disciplinary performing arts project, commissioned by the British Council. Filmed on location across Peninsular Malaysia, this project sets out to explore the relationship between identity, ritual and place. The resulting work is a truly immersive audio visual experience exploded across multiple screens and speakers and layering together stunning documentary footage and motion graphics with a original live electronic musical score.

Tickets are on sale now for $240, or $180 if you still happen to be a student and eligible for sweet discounts everywhere.

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