Trans-Tasman collaboration with a Trubridge twist

Trans-Tasman collaboration with a Trubridge twist

Playing second fiddle to a household name like David Trubridge was A-OK with Sydney graphic design company bleux, which recently collaborated with the Kiwi furniture designer on a new range of pieces.

In fact, bleux says that's how it should be, allowing Trubridge's talent to shine brightest.

What bleux brought to the mix was the ability to work Trubridge’s much admired natural forms into 2D decorative interior elements.

The results are an interesting melding of the brash and bold Australian way with a more muted, detailed New Zealand feel for landscape, the agency says.

bleux translated a collection of Trubridge's hand drawn sketches into a range of applications from wall coverings to glass textures. As of mid August, his designs will be available through bleux to be printed into any interior finish, such as wallpaper, glass film and wall vinyl.

Known for its bright colours and strong graphic designs, the earthy collection is quite a departure for bleux.

“That’s what these beautiful forms called for – fluorescent purple just didn’t seem right!” says Skye Molyneux, director of bleux.

“Mind you, the beautiful thing about our finishes are that they are all made specifically for each project so if you want fluorescent purple, go ahead."

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