Curb waste, reclaim space: a cool take on refrigeration

Curb waste, reclaim space: a cool take on refrigeration

Massey University grads have dominated the Electrolux Design Lab competition in recent times (not to mention a good run at the James Dyson product design awards) and this year is no different. Ben de la Roche is one of the semi-finalists for 2012 with Impress, a sustainable and unique solution to food storage. 

"How many times have you put left overs in the fridge and forgotten about them, only to come back a week later and find them spoiled? Impress completely transforms the way we refrigerate. Impress is a refrigeration wall that holds your food and drinks for you, out in the open and not behind closed doors so you will always remember the lunch you prepared for work or find that midnight snack with ease. Also, Impress refrigerator does not refrigerate when there is nothing in it and uses less power the fewer items are pressed into it. Waste no more leftovers, waste less space and save more money with Impress."

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Ten designers will now be chosen to compete in the final to be held in Milan on October 25.

The jury will consider entries based on intuitive design, innovation, aesthetic qualities and consumer insight when awarding the first prize of a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design centre and 5,000 euros. A second prize of 3,000 euros and third prize of 2,000 euros will also be won by stand-out contenders.

We won't overwhelm you with all 30 semi-finalists, which you can view on the competition page, but here are a few that particularly caught our eye.Hailing from Italy/Macau, the Fiery is a twist on the flambé technique. The fire is contained within a wire mesh – pour the liquor in a pan or a plate, press the button to ignite the fire, and then simply remove it when the flame turns off.

The SmartPlate takes food and matches music to the dish based on its ingredients, connecting wirelessly to your mobile device.

Straight out of South Korea, the Hula Washer is a collapsible washing machine that presumably runs on kinetic energy. Simply add your clothes and washing liquid to the hollow centre of the ring and then start to spin like it's a hula hoop.

Hate slaving away over a stove? Norwegian entry Easystir does the hard work for you, freeing you up for more enjoyable. pursuits. Stirring speeds are adjustable, it's dishwasher safe, and powered by magnets.

The Cruet is a British invention, a salt and pepper shaker with a twist. Using your smartphone, you can select music to be played through the device, then roll the round shakers to a friend across the table. Pass the salt, please.

Finally, we had to include the Aeroball from Poland. These bubbles clean and filter the air while hovering in place (and can also emit fragrances), plus absorb light during the day to release it at night, adding an aesthetic layer to its function.

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