From brown to bold, L&P chases youth market gold

From brown to bold, L&P chases youth market gold

As the seventh most trusted brand in New Zealand, with a bunch of classic ads under its belt and more than 184,000 Facebook likes, L&P enjoys a safe spot in our collective hearts. But sales were simply not matching the affection and loyalty the brand engenders. So the packaging has been given a spruce up by brand design specialists Dow Design in an effort to make it more contemporary and compelling for the younger generation. 

It's not a radical change, as Dow’s brief was to ensure the brand was still clearly recognisable to its consumers as the L&P they know and love, while creating a stronger focus on L&P’s unique taste and refreshment promise.  

L&P new look packaging

“While maintaining all the vital historical elements, the revitalised brand design gives L&P a more impactful in-store presence,” says Dow Design account director, Stephanie Perrett.  “It has gone from retro brown and laid back to fresh, bright and bold to appeal to Kiwi youth.”

Part of the brief was also to communicate more vigorously its lemon flavour and refreshment. This has resulted in a newly updated lemon symbol, a New Zealand map with a series of tiny effervescent lemon slices and "the raffish statement" ‘Good Lemonish Stuff’, which was concocted by Saatchi & Saatchi (a new campaign will be launched soon to back up the new look). 

When working with a brand that's been around for over 100 years, one of the challenges is finding the right balance between modernity and brand heritage, says Coca Cola Amatil’s senior brand manager, Leigh Moss. 

“As consumers are very fond of L&P, they are more resistant to change, so we had to ensure that the update wasn’t too radical and still retained familiar elements.”  

The new L&P packaging is available in many formats and will hit the shelves in August. Check out some more old labels here

This story originally appeared on StopPress

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