Tip Top building loses the rainbows, embraces glass

Auckland's Tip Top building, a mainstay of the southern motorway, has a brand new look. Gone are the rainbow stripes in favour of a contemporary aesthetic with 600m2 of glass walls, topped off with a massive Tip Top sign.

It marks the end of a two-year modernisation project including extensive renovations to the 50-year old corner building. 

Supermodel Rachel Hunter, whose big break came in 1985 following her first starring role in a Trumpet television commercial, assisted with lighting up the transformed building for the first time before dawn yesterday.

Tip Top general manager Brett Charlton says  the makeover marks a significant milestone for the building.

"Tip Top's new look reinforces our New Zealandness and pride in who we are – a company employing many Kiwis making a product that has been apart of everyone's lives since 1936," he says.

"Tip Top has been around for three generations and this investment confirms that we plan to be around for many more.

"Tip Top corner has been the landmark building on Auckland's southern motorway for half a century ... This is where we work to make New Zealand's best loved ice cream, it is more than just a factory. It has meaning to all of Auckland and to many Kiwis."

Has the Tip Top building lost its spirit? Or do you prefer the new, unadorned look?

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