A quick word with ... photographer and digital boffin Jake Morgan

A quick word with ... photographer and digital boffin Jake Morgan

Photographer Jake Morgan can also guide you through this newfangled age of digital media. And he brews up an excellent pot of tea.

Photographer and Noodle digital director Jake MorganMy first job was... the old British standard, a newspaper round. 5am starts in the wet, windy, whatever the weather threw at you for tuppence ha’penny and a hand full of hot gravel a week.

And now the title on my business card is... photographer and digital media director.

Which really means... I take nice pictures and can offer some advice if you think a Facebook page, YouTube channel or Google Places are something you think you need to know more about for your business. I also make a nice cup of tea.

My day starts with... coffee. ALWAYS.

And ends with... the cat hogging most of the duvet.

And in between, I... would tell you, but Hugh Gallagher beat me to it

My first artistic memory is... getting a paper wallet full of blurry prints through the post, from my first camera, a 110 format thing. Negatives the size of a fingernail..!

If I wasn't doing this, I'd... probably still be working half days in the hospitality industry (a half day being ‘just’ 12 hours)

I'm inspired by... photographically - Steve McCurry, Dean Wright, Andris Apse, Dorothea Lange, Sebastio Salgado among many others. On a wider perspective it’s those selfless people that go off and work in rotten conditions in far flung places for organisations like Medecins Sans Frontiers.

I can't live without... raspberry licorice. That’s really shallow and trite coming after the previous answer, isn’t it? Sorry.

True 'style' is... You’ll have to ask my partner, she is slowly ‘re-educating’ me about all things fashion and style.

My work in three words is... challenging, rewarding, evolving.

Jake Morgan is photography + digital media director at noodle – see or

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