Christchurch artist cooks up deep-fried iPads

Christchurch artist cooks up deep-fried iPads

Henry Hargreaves originally hails from Christchurch, but today he works from a Brooklyn studio in New York City and is making headlines by deep-frying iPads, iPods and laptops in the name of art.

He was apparently inspired by a viral video of a Japanese teenager who deep fried and then attempted to eat his Sony PSP.

"I'm really interested in cultural mash-ups; what results when two things that usually wouldn't talk do, and what the outcome is," he told Fairfax.

"I liked the unlikely connection between electronics and fast foods: how they are fetishised, consumed and then discarded."

Obviously frying all those electronics for real would have been a costly exercise, so Hargreaves made models of the gadgets using foam and cardboard.

Hargreaves seems to have an affinity for food projects – earlier this year he rose to fame with these celebrity portraits created from burnt toast, creating likenesses of the Beatles, the Queen, and Marilyn Monroe.

He is a full-time photographer and a former model. According to his website, he fell in love with photography when he was spotted traveling through South East Asia and was whisked off to Europe to work as a high end fashion model, which he did for four years.

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