A quick word with ... product designer Tim de Jardine

Tim de Jardine brings a bit of psychology into the design process, and winds up, ideally, with the optimal blend of functionality and beauty.

Tim de JardineMy first job was... Rain or shine, delivering papers around my neighbourhood.  Yep, I was that boy who delivered the junk mail.

And now the title on my business card is... Blank!  But it should be VP Product Designer.

Which really means... I design products at 8Interactive. We have a very popular early reading app called Read Me Stories with over two million users. I try to create a balance between beauty and usability.  I apply a lot of psychology to my design process, mainly captology (using technology as a persuasive vehicle).

My day starts with... Cat scratching my face demanding food at 5.30am.

And ends with... Catching up on my YouTube subscriptions on my iPad.

And in between, I... Brainstorm, design, test and repeat.

My first artistic memory is... Creating a perfect transformable replica of the Transformer Megatron using Lego.  I worked out all by myself how it transformed too by watching the TV show in slow motion :)

If I wasn't doing this, I'd... Be bringing disruptive innovation to the fitness industry.

I'm inspired by... Seth Godin, 37Signals & BJ Fogg.  I am inspired by products that are elegant, practical and have functional beauty.  A recent example is the Electrolux rechargeable vacuum cleaner (ZB2901). Amazing product!

I can't live without... my iPhone, exercise, music and my partner.

True 'style' is... Blending design, usability and psychology into one.

My work in three words is... Understandable by everyone.

Tim de Jardine is product designer at 8interactive Limited

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