A quick word with ... entrepreneur/art director Kyra Clarke

A quick word with ... entrepreneur/art director Kyra Clarke

Kyra Clarke is the driving force behind international art and design publication Threaded Magazine, now in its seventh year. We caught up with her just as the smoke was clearing and Threaded XII went to print (it's scheduled for release on May 25).

Kyra Clarke

Photo: Troy Goodall

My first job was...  working at a publication house while studying Bachelor of VisCom at Unitec Institute of Technology. My first real job was working at Chow Hill Architects.

And now the title on my business card is... Art Director/ Graphic Designer

Which really means... Wearer of all caps, which comes hand in hand for a small business owner, and then in between all that I get to wear the creative cap now and again and that is what I love and live for.

My day starts with... my alarm going off at 5.30am. Getting up, getting ready, feeding the cat, checking my emails while waiting on a double-shot of caffeine are all part of the morning ritual.

And ends with... checking my emails, checking my calendar and schedule for the next day and cuddling the cat – and my husband too if he's lucky ;)

And in between, I... am a content gatherer, client liaison, ad-rep, media PR, administrator, web updater, accountant, strategic planner, press-passer, project manager, illustrator, designer, creative problem-solver, art director, coffee-drinking muffin-eater

My first artistic memory is... finding my dad's drawings in a book when I was 6 (he passed away when I was 8) and thinking they were amazing! They were pencil sketches of cartoon characters, trucks, interior and exterior perspectives. I remember hoping that one day I could be as good as he was... still hoping that actually

If I wasn't doing this, I'd... be a pro-snowboarder or wakeboarder travelling to Japan, Canada - around the world to compete.

I'm inspired by... hmmm, I am inspired by everything. I am constantly absorbing graphic elements of life and storing them away in a library in my head for later use.. when I find things online that inspire me a copy of it goes straight into my 'cool shit' folder, which has sub-categories; typography, design, concept art, painting, print

I can't live without... my husband who accepts that I never switch off from work and supports me in so many ways, my mother who is an amazing sounding board for all the curve-balls life has to throw, my friends who understand me and put up with me, people who believe in me and what I am doing and encourage me on a daily basis, Topaz (my 12-year-old tortoise-shell cat),  silly (but important) materialistic things like my iPhone, iPad, inkling, wacom, paints, brushes, art, beautiful prints, magazines, posters, books and my computer.

My work in three words is... am between 'Mad Hatters Party' (no tea), 'Never Ending Story' and 'Snakes and Ladders'... all are quite fitting ;) 

Kyra Clarke is the founder, lead designer and co-art director of Threaded Magazine

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