A quick word with ... designer/entrepreneur Jake Burdess

Jake Burdess spends his days colouring between the lines and the rest of his time on his own new venture Startup Tartup.

Jake Burdess My first job was... Helping the local milkman on his rounds at the age of about 11 or 12. As I remember, he paid me about two pounds an hour, but it worked out pretty well as the round took him the whole day! He was the archetypal milkman: lots of female friends on his route…

And now the title on my business card is...Startup Tart!

Which really means... Well, it’s just a plug for my latest venture really, which I am still in the process of setting up, Startup Tartup. It’s essentially a design service and social network that aims to help startup companies.

My day starts with... A good, strong dose of caffeine and preparations for the walk to school with my kids, and occasionally a morning Skype session with my sister in London.

And ends with... Freelance design work for clients in Europe and New Zealand, or work on my new venture, Startup Tartup – did I mention that yet?

And in between, I... Work as the user experience (UX) and branding guy at Imarda – one of Selwyn Pellett’s companies and the strongest emerging player in the enterprise GPS fleet management space. Which means I’m in charge of everything that needs colouring in at the company.

My first creative memory is... Drawing pictures as a young kid with my Dad whilst listening to his record collection. I still associate music directly with creativity and having great ideas.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd... Be making music. Harder to pay the rent as a musician though…

I'm inspired by... The capacity humans have to create beauty in so many ways. Nature. Music. Innovative ideas. The Internet. The way children see the world.

I can't live without... My wife Silvia and our three kids, food and water.

My work in three words is... Loads – Of – Fun! I am extremely lucky in that since I started designing (around 1994) I have been able to work on website development, graphic design, video production, packaging design, branding and creative direction projects for a wide variety of great clients worldwide. More on my personal site – 

Jake Burdess is an English entrepreneur and designer who moved to New Zealand from Spain in late 2011 with his wife and three children

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