A quick word with ... blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller

Fashion blogger Isaac Hindin-Miller reckons he could give Ryan Seacrest a run for his money.

Isaac Hindin-MillerMy first job was... A paper round for the Christchurch Star when I was nine years old. I must have called the guy 35 times before he finally gave in and gave me the circuit. And that’s pretty much how I’ve gotten every single job I’ve ever had since then.

And now the title on my business card is... I wish I had a business card, but I don’t. When I meet people I tell them I’m a writer, but that’s just my euphemistic way of saying I’m a blogger.

Which really means... I’m a fashion writer, anecdotalist, karaoke all-star, Gemini, expat Kiwi, enabler, walking contradiction, shameless self-promoter and stone cold East Coast thug. (This all comes through on the blog.)

My day starts with... Checking my phone, which sleeps with me next to my pillow.

And ends with... Me closing my laptop.

And in between, I... write, call my parents on the phone, take meetings, drum up future work, hang out with my roommates, play table tennis, cook, walk the Williamsburg Bridge and look at my phone far too many times.

My first artistic memory is... Not being as good at drawing as the other kids in my class.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be... giving Ryan Seacrest a run for his money.

I'm inspired by... Biographies of successful people and Justin Bieber’s documentary Never Say Never – the kid works hard.

I can't live without... Burt’s Bees and talking to my parents on the phone.

True 'style'...  doesn’t require a second thought.

My work in three words isn’t… 9 to 5.

Isaac Hindin-Miller is a blogger and expat Kiwi. Read more at

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