The best NZ logos, according to you

The best NZ logos, according to you

Last month we asked you guys what you reckon the best Kiwi logo of all time is. And it looks like the top favourites are Air NZ, Huffer, NZ Music Month, the 1975 Commonwealth Games ... and the Foursquare man. Of course.

And congrats to Warren Sue – your prize is on its way.

Mr Foursquare Huffer 1974 Commonwealth Games NZ Music Month Air NZ

Choice comments


I've always loved the “Be A Tidy Kiwi” logo. For me it represents all that I used to love about New Zealand , and also, sadly, all that has gone wrong ( why don't we see that logo anymore in school playgrounds and around parks and open spaces as we once used to?)


Without a doubt - Colin Simon's “1974 New Zealand Commonwealth Games” Logo.  Combining the 7 and 4, the NZ, the Union Jack and even an X for the tenth games. ….It's just so damn clever!


Love the NZ music month branding, and some I think I would like more if it weren't for the companies associated with them.


I think Huffer has it nailed with the simple 3 circles. timeless.


My favourite logo is the 4 Square man. He represents quality, service, a bit of good 'ol Kiwi ingenuity and readiness to get stuck in. Plus he's friendly. The slightly retro aspect of the art has a warm nostalgic feel, harks back to the days when we were more friendly and trusting. There is also the hint of the village store keeper who knew the locals and tried to accommodate everyone. He was inclusive and accommodating. All Kiwi businesses should be as conscious as Mr 4 Square was (and tries to be, even now) An attempt to change him was rejected. Don't' update the original. They got it right first time.


Air New Zealand's koru! Makes me feel like I'm in safe hands when I'm coming home.


If there is a vote for worst, ACC has got to be up there!


I've always liked Air New Zealand's logo, regardless of how I feel about the actual company. How long have they had that? It takes a strong logo to stick around that long

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