Kiwi Cassatchel takes Kickstarter by storm

Kiwi Cassatchel takes Kickstarter by storm

It's only been on crowdfunding site Kickstarter for a day but already The Cassatchel has attracted more than $1000 from 11 different backers and has been picked to feature on the staff picks landing page. 

Auckland-based Bhavesh Bhuthadia's laptop bag/iPad cover bring an analogue feel to your digital toys (and is reminiscent of other fake cassette iPhone cases). It's not simply a printed bag, but a moulded 3D material that is part of the entire form.

"It's super-light, eliminating the dreaded 'one-sided laptop limp', and reducing shoulder strain."

He came up with the idea, he says, after playing around with an interesting textile called impact foam, using the material to create different 3D surfaces.
The impact foam is covered with a hard nylon surface for durability

"There are a thousand laptop bags out there. But they're all really boring! They kinda make you feel like you're off to work in the movie Office Space... fluoro-lit office cubes, fuzzy divider panels, tiled carpet and TPS reports."

He reckons it's the "coolest laptop bag on any street".

The Cassatchel is now at the final prototype stage and Bhuthadia says manufacturers are all lined up. He just needs help to make the moulds – "the final production bags will have deeper, sharper details than the prototype you see here, for super extra coolness!" and further funding could allow for more colours beyond black and yellow and even special editions.

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