The Kiwi business pioneering digital 3D galleries

Struggling art students, century-old galleries and New York pop-culture historians are all benefiting from Kiwi business 3d Ltd.

The company uses high quality digital animation to pioneer 3D art galleries on website

Its technology uses a traditional concept: an artist, gallery or group rents their own private space in the virtual world, accessed via the website.

Artists get their own gallery, schools and universities get research space, and galleries get additional space and an online imprint of their physical work.

Founder and artist Peter Worrall was inspired to create an accessible alternative to traditional art galleries.

“I suddenly thought: what about an online gallery, because it's all about presentation, [and] when you put them in our gallery they look professional."

Worrall uses gaming platform Unity 3D, used by more than 60 million worldwide, as his digital imaging software.

He says his artistic and technical background combine to create an ambient space that artists are proud to share., which rents virtual gallery space from $5 a month, has been embraced by schools, universities and artists, who can easily share their pieces across time and place.

“My edict is to empower the artist by giving them a space where they can look professional and send it to anybody in the world,” Worrall says.

AUT University’s Frances Joseph, who worked extensively with 3d and, says its appeal is in how it manages to go beyond the slideshows of online galleries.

Joseph admits the art community has been slower to adopt online technologies than other creative industries but says helps artists begin to develop a profile, audience and brand using online media.

Clients include the Fisher Gallery group, an American artist collective of 1300 and Andy Warhol-era pop artist Charles Fizzino.

Worrall described Fizzino’s three dimensional art as “a pop-up picture book” which had to translate into the three dimensional virtual world.

“I am so impressed with the technology that I’m now creating a whole online experience around it,” Fizzino says.

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