Creative Finder offers free, legal image pickings

Bloggers now have another legit free option when it comes to illustrating posts beyond Creative Commons – and it comes courtesy of The Creative Finder, a platform for creative professionals to showcase their design, illustration and photography work and connect with others in the international community.

Last month, Singapore-based DesignTaxi launched the revamped The Creative Finder, with real-time user activity, free accounts and a more robust search function.

And as of last week, users can now embed images from The Creative Finder, with permission of the image creators.

Founder Alex Goh says it works much like YouTube's embedding option for videos. Creatives can enable/disable permissions for sharing their images anytime or watermark their images. Every picture will include a credit with the creator's name and link back to their portfolio, plus there's a a one-click posting option to Tumblr.

There's no excuse these days for unauthorised reuse of photos. The wild west days of the web are fading, and pinching content without attribution isn't merely frowned on any more – it's stealing. Curator Maria Popova last month introduced the Curator's Code, which suggests a format for giving credit to content creators. 

The Creative Finder has tapped into what seems to be a win-win for creatives looking for exposure and referrals, and those in need of digital imagery.

Goh says since last month, more than 100,000 new images have been uploaded to the website, and the embedding feature aims to provide greater marketing reach for creative professionals.

There's also a nifty image wall showing all the latest images uploaded to the network that can be found here.

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