Christchurch puts the spotlight on prefab housing designs

Cantabrians on the search for new styles of housing design will have a new place to check out their options from April 21-22 at PrefabNZ’s Home Innovation Village, known as Hive.

Lockwood Littlewing Keith Hay Park Terrace Laing Smart Home Laing Smart Home interior

Hive is setting up shop in a corner of the Canterbury Agricultural Park off Curletts Road with four quick-build houses that showcase architectural design and sustainability being readied over the next fortnight to make their public debut.

PrefabNZ chief executive Pamela Bells says the design element to the series of houses that will be featured at Hive through to February 2014 will give people fresh insights into what’s possible when construction companies and architects are teamed up with the best of modern pre-engineering technologies.

“As well as providing an educational experience about the latest innovations and how customisable they are to personal preferences, the houses that Laing Homes, Keith Hay Homes, Lockwood Canterbury and Falcon Construction are going to be putting up on site are all ready to enter the market at affordable prices as low as $200,000,” says Bells.

“Over the winter this will give time for people looking to rebuild homes an early opportunity to make informed choices about the value of prebuilt housing solutions – solutions that can see new homes up and running on time and on budget."

She says New Zealand has the potential to be a world leader in the creative, technology-driven deployment of a diverse range of prefabricated materials, systems and design both in the residential and commercial sectors.

“Worldwide the demand for prebuilt construction is on the rise, which makes the strengths we are developing in supplying that market here in New Zealand so encouraging.

“As well as being a front-door portal for information, PrefabNZ is committed to seeing the uptake in these new construction methods and products double by 2020 supported by increased research and development."

Houses at Hive are also promoting sustainable energy practice through partners Meridian Energy and Solar City, and the Green Building Council’s environmental rating tool Homestar.

In addition the houses will incorporate Lifemark’s whole-of-lifetime design principles, such as bathrooms with strengthened walls for accommodating handrails.

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