A quick word with ... creative Liora Saad

A quick word with ... creative Liora Saad

Blogs are a huge source of inspiration for US transplant Liora Saad, who describes her work as colourful, clever and cute.

Liora Saad

My first job was... A shop girl. I worked for a beautician - making appointments, doing inventory, but my favourite part of the job was fixing the displays we had for the make-up and jewelry. I was only 14 but I should have known back then that I was into visual art and colour... Still to this day I love thinking back on that job. It was so simple and we were small but all the customers were so friendly.

And now the title on my business card is... Designer chick who owns the company

Which really means... I'm a one man show.  I design the goods, I find where to sell them, where to produce them (if not done by hand at home), I mail the goods, I tweet the goods. You name it - I do it!

My day starts with... The gym.  I like to go everyday but if I don't start in the morning it never happens. Friday is my favourite morning as it's yoga - reward for a hard week!

And ends with... At the moment an episode or two of West Wing!  I'm addicted.  I watched all the seasons when they were on TV and have started all over again.  I like reading but I find that if I do that before bed I get hooked and can read for hours.

And in between, I ... Am addicted to social media, the sun, coffee, and baked goods.  Throughout the day I am currently on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram doing constant updates, reading the latest blogs, checking Etsy - trying to advance my business and its connections every way I can.  I love what I do therefore I'm addicted to it.  On the other hand, since moving to NZ in 2005 I've discovered that the coffee here is some of the best in the world and have at least one delicious flat white a day!

My first artistic memory is... Finger painting.  I loved finger painting as a kid.

If I wasn't doing this, I'd ... Love to work on a winery.  The detail and patience that goes into wine really intrigues me.  I go wine tasting and touring of vineyards every chance I can get, all over the world.That or I'd own a flower shop. 

I'm inspired by... Blogs.  I know sounds a bit naive but it's true.  That's how I find my inspiration and my drive.  I read about others just like me who had an idea, a love, and followed it until it no longer became an idea, no longer a hobby, but a full-fledged business.  I read about successes, about failures.  I see what others have done, how I can learn from them to follow my dream and make my dream that has now become a hobby-turned-business into an international winner.

I can't live without... Coffee, sunshine, and a sketchbook.

True 'style' is... Knowing how to use lines and colour with confidence and simplicity.

My work in three words is... Cute, colourful, clever

Liora Saad is co-founder at Toodles Noodles, stationery and eco-friendly product design company.

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