Packaging's best and worst in the spotlight

Sick of having to wrestle with mounds of plastic to unwrap your meat or veges? Finding there’s more plastic in Barbie’s wrapping than the doll itself? Having to stuff your pockets with wrappings after enjoying a prune or two?

Such culprits have been unmasked thanks to the Unpackit awards, promoting the best and the worst in the packaging biz.

The awards have whittled down 200 nominations to the eight best and worst examples of New Zealand packaging.

Packaging that topped the best list include:

The minimalistic Apple iPhone 4 packaging, containing 90 percent recycled content and only just fitting the phone and its components.

The ‘nude food’ lunch boxes - the compartmentalised lunch box means no Gladwrap or snaplock bags are needed for snacks or sandwiches, all containers are recyclable.

The Caffe Prima disposable coffee bag.The compostable bags are a guilt-free way for a coffee fiend to enjoy a morning brew.

The use of recyclable and minimalistic packaging may be more beneficial to producers then they realise.

Despite the practicality and no-mess of cup-of-noodles, their non-recyclable cup, lid and plastic film ave the ability to contaminate and ruin truckloads of reyclable materials if incorrectly included in recycling.

Other poor packaging and potentially environmentally concerning packaging include Arnott’s Shapes along with Sunsweet’s individually wrapped prunes; the package within a package idea just leads to an ever-expanding landfill.

"In that example there's no convenience reason at all. But some of the supermarkets are doing it a lot at the moment. People hate it.

"People have had enough of the plastic wrap," awards organiser Gina Dempster told the Herald.

Voting is still open to the public. The winner will be announced in June.

Best - Potato Pak Best - Nude Food Movers Best - Caffe Prima Best - Ideal Cup Best - Auto Dishwash tablets Best - Chux best Best - Apple iPhone 4 Best - Bin Inn Worst - Disposable cup Worst - Shapes Worst - Plastic wrapped veges on meat tray Worst - Fantastic Noodles Worst - Meat tray madness Worst - Oral B toothbrush heads Worst - Sunsweet Worst - Barbie

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