Nike's latest – a shoe for prosthetic limbs

It may not be the biggest of consumer markets, but Nike has come up with a shoe designed specifically to shod prosthetic limbs, or at least those made by major manufacturer Ossur.

Working closely with amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, Nike and Ossur have created what amounts to a sole that locks in with Ossur's Flex-Run foot.

The Nike Sole boils down the elements of a normal running shoe to the key parts amputees most need.

The stacked sole design, providing grip, comfort and support, features a rubber leash for extra security over a rubber waffle outsole, made using materials from reused Nike shoes. The middle layers comprise a polyurethane foam midsole topped by plastic urethane.

It slides onto the limb and stays in place thanks to nine nylon tabs that clip on to the running blade. 

That means amputees now have another choice besides buying a normal pair of shoes, and cutting out the sole of one to tape or glue onto their prosthetic limb.

The Nike Sole is available through prosthetists' offices internationally.