Get a dose of international architectural inspiration

Jason Whiteley has an enviable background, having worked with architects Herzog & de Meurons after five years in Switzerland and New York City.

Next month, he'll share with audiences his experience designing and coordinating complex, high-profile buildings in New York, Sao Paulo, London and Doha and insights into the studio culture and methods of Herzog & de Meurons.

In 2010 he created his own London-based studio, Whiteley & Whiteley, to work on a broad range of architecture and design projects. These include furniture and functional objects; a number of these were exhibited during Swiss art-show Art Basel 2010.

Whiteley is also the current Adjunct-Professor of the school of architecture and design at his alumni, Victoria University. He will visit New Zealand during July and November as guest critic and design tutor.

When: March 14, 6pm (free)

Where: Victoria University School of Architecture Design on Vivian Street, Wellington, LT1