Facebook graffiti artist on track to riches

Facebook's impending IPO is set to make some people very rich.

And among them could be graffiti artist David Choe, who was commissioned to paint murals at the Facebook offices back in 2005.

Choe appeared on the Howard Stern show this week, and said Facebook originally offered him US$60,000 to spraypaint the office – and that the stock he chose to take instead could be worth more than $500 million. (He also said he went on to paint Facebook's new digs for free.)

While plumping for a stake in the company may have proved an inspired choice (Choe said he liked to gamble), he said he had already sold some of his original stock.

According to the New York Times, Choe would rake in more from his paintings than Sotheby’s made at its record-breaking $200.7 million auction in 2008 for works by Damien Hirst.