A creative mashup in the name of beer

A creative mashup in the name of beer

The grand sum of a collaboration between the talents of local musicians – Cut Off Your Hands, Parallel Dance Ensemble and Ghost Wave – and artists Rainbow Monkey, Andrew McLeod and Gavin Hurley has been unveiled, and the public can get a piece of it via the series of limited edition Becks bottles out now.

None of the artists physically worked with the bands on the projects; instead they chose a song that inspired them and went from there.

Hurley is no stranger to using music as the inspiration behind his art. One of his earlier portraits is emblazoned with the words “dude looks like a lady” from the hit Aerosmith song.

“I mainly make collages and paintings," he says. "This project has been a refreshing departure from the uptightness of my usual practice.”

McLeod is the only artist to have designed merchandise for bands previously. Analysing the meaning of the artists’ songs to come up with concepts for the labels was a natural part of being a listener, he says.

“Learning to distinguish the subtitles of subculture is not a cynical thing to do at all. It’s an enjoyable part of music or art appreciation.”

Alongside this, Becks ran a competition to find one standout student to design one of the labels –  Media Design School's Sarah Findlay, who also received $1,000 to go towards her uni bills.

Judges chose Findlay for her outstanding use of colour and striking design.

A fine arts graduate from Elam, Findlay says the inspiration for her design came from the rhythm of music rather than a particular song or musician.

She spent one intensive week planning and creating her design, crafted to communicate what colour and “vibrancy” music brings to our lives.

Findlay’s future plans include travelling and working in a design or advertising agency, and hopes to one day run her own studio .

The bottles are available now for the next three months. Customers who buy a 12-pack will receive four music downloads of their choice from

(Click here for a chance to win a six-pack!)

Andrew McLeod / Cut Off Your Hands Andrew McLeod / Parallel Dance Ensemble Gavin Hurley / Cut Off Your Hands Rainbow Monkey / Cut Off Your Hands Rainbow Monkey / Ghost Wave Rainbow Monkey / Parallel Dance Ensemble Sarah Finley

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