Designing a new China

Nowhere captures the pace of global market change quite like China, where consumers and their expectations are a case study in rapid cultural shifts and their effect on design and brand communications.

How are brands responding? Find out next month at Designing a new China, which will focus on the market strategies employed by brands for market integration. 

China enthusiasts and creative professionals alike will hear how brands are achieving market integration by modernising – though not necessarily westernising – consumer culture.

Aimed at designers, communication professionals and strategists, this covers relevant ground for anyone sensitive to change in a globalised environment.

The conference will be led by Marco Tchen, an economist and strategist who has previously worked with a number of high-profile companies including Ferrari and Ducati, and is currently working with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

What: Designing a new China, $90 each, limit 30 people

When: February 15, 6pm-8pm

Where: Level 8, ATEED offices, 139 Quay Street, Auckland City.