China's green hotel goes viral

China's green hotel goes viral

Why is this timelapse of the construction of a Chinese five-star hotel going viral?

The prefab T30 Hotel is making waves because the 30-storey building was constructed in just two weeks.

Two hundred builders put up 17,000 square metres worth of hotel in 360 hours, using a super sustainable method that tycoon Zhang Yue of the Broad Group plans to replicate all over the country, according to

The hotel is said to be five time more earthquake-resistant than similar buildings and five times more energy efficient, thanks to glass curtain wall insulation, quadruple paned windows, internal window insulation and external solar shading. 

Vitally, in polluted China, the indoor air is projected to be 20 times cleaner than outdoor air.

Yue says the speed at which his buildings go up also serve to reduce waste of materials and energy. Broad is one of the few Chinese manufacturers in the sustainable building space and is behind plans for a 200-level mixed residential/commercial project to house 100,00 people.

He has grand plans to erect 20 buildings a month in 2013, increasing to 50 a month the following year. 

Last year Broad built the 15-floor New Ark hotel in one week in Hunan province.

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