Home mag gets an Inhouse makeover

Home mag gets an Inhouse makeover

Readers of Home New Zealand magazine will no doubt have spotted a few changes on its pages. The redesign, according to editor Jeremy Hansen, came about after previous art director, Miranda Dempster headed off to a glam job at New York magazine. And the new look bears the touches of Inhouse, which has worked alongside the Home art team on past projects including last year’s retooling of the HOME masthead and developing the magazine’s 75th anniversary logo.

The makeover includes a new front-of-book section, ‘Projects’, featuring smaller baches and other architectural work.

Hansen says the magazine also has a new grid and  font family, including ‘Le Corbusier’ by Nico Schweizer, and ‘Gotham Rounded’ from the New York type house Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

Q+A with Arch MacDonnell from Inhouse

This issue  looks a little different. What changes have you made?

We haven’t made wholesale changes to the magazine – it still feels very much like its predecessor. In terms of the design, it’s a case of evolution, not revolution. We have changed the font families and implemented a more robust grid system, creating a cleaner and crisper aesthetic.

Much of your work is in the development of brand identity. What do you like about designing a magazine?

We’ve always had a soft spot for editorial design. It’s always nice working with great content, having plenty of space to play with and creating a narrative that marries it all together. Magazines like Home tend to stick around and be collected, becoming snapshots of design history, and I really like being involved with that.

What’s your favourite layout in this issue, and why?

I’ve got a couple of favourites. I like the way that the layout of the Oruawharo Cottage by Fearon Hay on Great Barrier Island (p.76) tells a story: arrivin­g in the evening, waking up in that fabulous bedroom with the sheets ruffled just so, and then taking in the Great Barrier landscape. I want to stay there. Also, Katie Lockhart’s Christmas shoot (p.68) is gorgeous. Her effortless arrangements of objects are always inspiring.

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